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ACF Next Step is more than just a building campaign…

A GROWING CHURCH. ACF now sees 1300 in weekly attendance leading us to add a 3rd Sunday service this month of January 2019.

GROWING IN GENEROSITY. One of the ACF core values is to “lead the way in generosity”.

GROWING OUR SPACE. The ACF Lead Team believes God is calling us to take a next step by expanding our worship facilities, including the sanctuary and kids’ areas, to make room “for those yet to come”.

GROWING THE MISSION. Next Step enables us long-term to carry out the mission of amplifying the grace of Jesus Christ to the churched, unchurched, and de-churched.

Phase 1 is complete and our kids moved into their new area November 14th! Not only did we renovate and expand classrooms but also added new parking, lighting, electrical, and heating systems to make our facility inviting and safe. Also, we are continuing to add design elements to enhance the experience for our kids so please continue to check out the downstairs.

Thank you to all who gave to Phase 1 and purchased equipment via “Fill The House”. Over $23,720 worth of items and cash was received through “Fill The House” this fall! Simply another reason to celebrate the generosity of ACF people.

Currently we are in the Phase 2 giving initiative called Next Step 2018. As of end of December we have raised $584,000 and 263 households have participated! Coupled with contingency funds left over from Phase 1 construction we are able to proceed with Phase 2 construction targeted for Spring 2019. The earthquake in November caused us to pause and re-evaluate where our funds could be best leveraged when considering earth quake damage repair. Therefore, Phase 2 will be a redesign and renovation of our current auditorium and lobby with new larger women’s bathrooms, a Next Step/Coffee area and a removable wall to use as overflow for services. The drawings for this phase are currently under assessment.


Pray: This is not just about money and a building but about people. It’s “for those yet to come”.

Tithe: We are asking everyone to consider tithing as their first step since Next Step is over and above our general operating budget.

Give: Consider making a pledge or initial gift to Next Step. Our goal is to have 100% participation of every household who calls ACF home. No amount is too small or too big! Next Step Commitment Cards can be turned in during a service or dropped off at the office (click here for Commitment Card).

Donations can be made through the following options:

What is the scope of the Next Step building campaign?

Expanding the sanctuary targeting 50% more seating, expanding lobby areas, and revamping the children’s area with attention to upgraded security and safety. Others include site prep, parking, upgrading mechanical systems, etc. Phase 1 construction was completed in November with a new North lobby addition for kids’ entry, expanded classrooms, new parking, and mechanical upgrades. Additional phases will be required for further expansion.

How many people are part of ACF Church?

We currently see 1,300 people come through our doors weekly and recently saw 2,200 on Christmas Eve.

Will church use financing to fund building expansion?

Any financing will be realized through the Alliance Development Fund, the financing arm of Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination, and the holder of our current mortgage. ADF provides funding for church building projects through investments from Alliance family members and friends.

What is the expected cost of future expansion?

Roughly 2/3 of the necessary funding for the Master Plan has been realized with cash donations and denominational financing via Alliance Development Fund. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are fully funded meaning construction is funded through 2019. Approximately $1,500,000 in additional funding is required to complete construction beyond 2019.

What do we expect to do this year?

Phase 2 construction will commence this Spring, 2019. Due to extensive sheetrock damage from the earthquake, we want to best leverage our funds and will be aiming to redesign and renovate our current auditorium and lobby with new larger women’s bathrooms, a Next Step/Coffee area and a removable wall to use as overflow for services. The drawings for this phase are currently under assessment.

How will services continue with ongoing construction?

Phase 1 construction was accomplished with manageable disruptions to our services. Phases 2 and beyond may have a greater impact requiring services to be located elsewhere temporarily. Such alternatives will require some additional funding during construction. Renting space at nearby school is an example.

How long will construction for total expansion last?

Conceptual plan incorporates phasing the construction to take advantage of available funds and limit disturbance of day-to-day operations. Phasing will extend the total construction plan into a multi-year timeline.

Do we need to add extra services while doing construction?

An additional Sunday morning service was added this January 2019 which puts more pressure on the remainder of our aging facility. Next Step is still needed to ensure facilities are updated and properly maintained.

Are we effectively utilizing our current facility?

Every usable space is being utilized in our current facility for our gatherings and throughout the week. In fact, our Video Production team graciously serves out of a remodeled closet.

How can donations be made?

Give via baskets during a service. Please note on check memo line or tithe envelope, “ACF Next Step “

Mail ACF Church, PO Box 774587, Eagle River AK 99577. Again, write “ACF Next Step” on check memo.

Give on-line

Give one-time gift

Give stocks or transfer money

I can only give a little. Can I still be involved?

Yes! We want every person who calls ACF their church home to be part of the ACF Next Step.

Can I give assets such as property, stock and bonds to fund my commitment? Where can I get my questions answered?

Yes. Please email regarding any questions about your pledges.

Can I give to the ACF Next Step instead of Tithing?

For us to take a next step, means we will need to bring in these funds above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings. If you aren’t currently tithing, we would encourage you to make that your first step.

If you have any more questions, our ACF Lead Team would be glad to answer them. Please don’t hesitate to ask. You can submit your questions below.

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Current Property Description

ACF Church owns approximately 5.5 acres spread over 9 adjoining lots that encompass 2 buildings (sanctuary and office building) and gravel parking areas. The church has owned the property since Jan 2012. The sanctuary building provides 15,000 square feet of space on 3 levels and is the only structure included in the construction scope. Current sanctuary seating is approximately 360 seats. Weekly attendance is currently over 1100 people.

Goals & Objectives

Primary Objectives/Goals
• Expand sanctuary to add 50% more seating, if feasible
• Expand & redesign lobby area
• Modernize/Revamp children area in basement

Supporting Objectives
• Site plan including master plan for property, parking/landscape/lighting requirements
• Upgrade mechanical systems (necessary for sustainability and expansion)

Design Considerations
• Construction in phases to minimize disruption of services and distribute cost loading over longer period
• Meet Municipality and AK State Fire Marshal requirements


Conceptual phase
• Completed May 2017. Click here for links to conceptual architectural drawings

Phase I Construction completed Nov 2018
• Renovated kids area
• North lobby addition
• Upgrade mechanical systems
• Site prep w/ new parking and lighting

Phase 2 Design Nov 2018 – Apr 2019
• Construction drawings
• Project manager & builder selection
• Permit applications & approval

Phase 2 Construction Apr 2019 – July 2019
• Sanctuary/stage modifications
• Renovate lobby area to include larger women’s restroom
• Installation of removeable wall for overflow

Subsequent Phases May 2020 –
• Scope to be determined, likely expansion to south end of lobby/sanctuary


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