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ACF Church has grown 33% this year, and we are on a trajectory to outgrow our facility by the end of 2017. The ACF Lead Team believes with 100% unity that God is calling us to prepare to take a next step. Throughout our “In Alaska as in Heaven” series this past fall, God has reminded us of His faithfulness to us and our families. We also reached into our city to bring the realities of Heaven to people in need of hope (1 Corinthians 4:20). ACF Next Step is how we plan to position our church to take its next step just as we have been able to take steps as individuals. We have chosen not to do a traditional capital campaign (to which most people are grateful). Instead, we dedicated the month of October to PRAY and PLAN.

In early November, we collected our first round of Commitment Cards as a family and on Nov 30 and Dec 4, we celebrated that nearly 100 families have joined in Next Step! Plus, we have heard some awesome stories of God working through His people in this process.

You may remember we initially had 2 options available at the Next Step kickoff in October: 1) Purchase an adjacent property for expansion and 2) Repair, remodel, and expand our current facility. The funds received thus far now allow us to take our next step by pursuing Option 2 and engaging an architect in January 2017 to develop plans for upgrading and expanding our current space. Our attention will be focused on our current worship space and children’s facilities as these can be the most efficient and cost effective ways to add space.

With over 400 families attending ACF, we know there is still significant potential for others to join Next Step in the ensuing months. Our goal of $1,575,000 remains the same in order to supply the significant resources needed for upgrading and expansion. This is over and above our 2016-17 operating budget, so we are asking everyone to consider tithing as their first step followed by prayerful consideration towards a Next Step gift.

Please plan to make donations by May 15th, 2017. We will then assess our giving and begin moving toward the best next step for our ACF family. Donations can be made through the following options:

How can donations be made?

Give via baskets during a service. Please note on check memo line or tithe envelope, “ACF Next Step “

Mail ACF Church, PO Box 774587, Eagle River AK 99577. Again, write “ACF Next Step” on check memo.

Give on-line

Give one-time gift

Give stocks or transfer money

Are we effectively utilizing our current facility?

We believe that every usable space is being utilized in our current facility for our gatherings and throughout the week. In fact, our Video Production team has been graciously serving out of a remodeled closet. Some of our most crowded spaces are in Illuminate Kids during services. 

What about doing more services?

Currently at 3 services, we are at maximum capacity for our staff and volunteers. To launch another service would take more staffing and the timing of the service would be in question. Currently, we plan to do 5 services at Christmas and possibly more for Easter 2017. There is potential for providing more services, but this still leaves us needing to take a next step with our aging facility.

Which next step will we take?

A portion of the ACF Next Step funds will be utilized to explore our options through hiring architects and working with our city to determine our best next step.

What about our debt?

We currently have a mortgage on our facility, and our Lead Team is dedicated to minimizing any financing required to take our Next Step. The $1,575,000 target is a significant step toward that goal. Also in 2017, we have budgeted for our Next Steps just as we are asking individuals to budget for it. This money will help us to care for our facility and manage debt.

Will this be all we talk about for the next year?

Absolutely not. We will be giving updates on the ACF Next Step along the way, but we will continue to relentlessly pursue our mission to amplify the grace of Jesus to the churched, unchurched, and dechurched.

I can only give a little. Can I still be involved?

Yes! We want every person who calls ACF their church home to be part of the ACF Next Step.

Why now?

The leadership of ACF Church has been praying about and discussing our timing for the past 8 months. Raising funds, hiring architects, and property acquisition will all take a great deal of time. If we wait until the end of 2017, we may already be out of room. This is about making space for our friends, family and neighbors to be part of the ACF family.

Can I make payments?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to budget for the ACF Next Step.

Can I give assets such as property, stock and bonds to fund my commitment? Where can I get my questions answered?

Yes. Please email regarding any questions about your pledges.

Can I give to the ACF Next Step instead of Tithing?

For us to take a next step, means we will need to bring in these funds above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings. If you aren’t currently tithing, we would encourage you to make that your first step.

What if something happens and I can’t fulfill my commitment?


We will be sending out updates throughout the ACF Next Steps journey, but there will be no pressure to fulfill your commitment.

Will there be a thermometer in the lobby?


What is this really about?

It’s all about Jesus. We are so grateful for His faithfulness to us that we can’t imagine people in our community living without a relationship with Him. ACF Next Step is about helping more people hear about the good news of Jesus. But we will have to act in faith so that others might find it.

If you have any more questions, our ACF Lead Team would be glad to answer them. Please don’t hesitate to ask. You can submit your questions below.

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