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ACF Groups

Small groups are the primary place to experience spiritual growth and transformation. With a strong community of friends, you can laugh, grow, and serve with people who genuinely care about you. These groups may be formed around a life stage, topic, activity, or common interests. Look for an open small group by clicking the Find an ACF Group button below. Interested in leading a small group? We’re always looking for leaders! Click the Lead an ACF Group button below to get more information on leading an ACF Group.

Click here to print a current list of all our ACF Groups

LifeGroups = Community

If you are longing for community, and the opportunity to create lasting friendships, then a LifeGroup is for you. Each group consists of approximately 6 to 20 people who regularly meet in homes with the purpose of “doing life together”. LifeGroups are a great way to make big church more personal. There are groups for every stage of life. If you are ready to meet some new people, have some fun, and grow deeper in your faith then we have a group for you.

If you need help connecting with one of our LifeGroups, please first call the contact person of the life group you’re interested in or email Pastor Stuart.

GrowthGroups = Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Are you ready to dig into God’s Word and get to know some new people? GrowthGroups are study groups designed to meet the needs of our church and community. We have groups for men and women where we tackle the tough topics such as money, marriage and addiction.

If you need help connecting with one of our GrowthGroups, please first call the contact person of the life group you’re interested in or email Pastor Stuart.

Social Groups = FUN!

SocialGroups –We have groups that meet in a social setting around a common interest or activity. Whether it is hiking, movies, riding Harley’s or playing poker, we have something for you! All SocialGroups are open and love to have new people participate at any time. What do you like to do for fun?

If you need help connecting with one of our SocialGroups, please first call the contact person of the life group you’re interested in or email Pastor Stuart.


Harty Party Life Group
All ages welcome
Childcare $5/family
Mondays 6:00pm
Contact Jim: 907.787.9016

Ratliff-Coberly Life Group
Young families & couples
Childcare $5/family
Mondays 6:30pm
Contact Jessica: 918.906.3115

Newly Married
Married or engaged couples in their early 20’s
No childcare
Mondays 6:30pm
Contact Brian: 907.694.7741

College-Age Life Group
Singles aged 18-25
No childcare
Every other Tuesday 7pm
Contact Ford: 864.704.9814

Walker-Shooter Life Group
Families with children
Childcare $5/child
Thursdays 6pm
Contact Adam: 907.854.7468

Gichard Life Group
All welcome
No childcare
Thursdays 6:30pm
Contact Andrew: 907.952.2443

Matlock Life Group
Young adults/families
Children welcome/no current childcare
Thursdays 6:30pm
Contact Brandon: 907.854.9077

Young Married Life Group
Married couples in their early 20’s
No childcare
Thursdays 6:30pm
Contact John: 907.230.4693

Scott Life Group
Anyone 18-25
No Childcare
Thursdays 6:30pm
Contact Mary: 907-331-8458

Park Life Group
All ages welcome
No childcare
Thursdays 7:15pm
Contact Tarayne or Paul: 907.378.2016


I Was Broke, Now I’m Not
Stop by the Engage Table to learn more;
Financial coaching available
Contact Stuart:

Forged Men’s Study
All men welcome
No childcare
Tuesdays 7pm
Contact Brandon: 907.854.9077

Ladies Morning Bible Study
All ladies Bible study
Childcare available
Thursdays 9:30am-11:30am
Contact Angela: 907.903.5386

Urban Mission
Help feed the hungry in Anchorage!
No childcare, however children welcome to serve with parents
3rd Saturday every month 11:30am
Contact Stuart:


Bingo Is My Game-O
A time of intense competitive Bingo for the ladies!
No childcare
Meets one Saturday a month
Contact Lindsey: 907.854.9076

Fostering healthy relationships among women
No childcare
Meets once a month
Contact Jordan:


If you looked through the list of available ACF Groups and you are still having a hard time identifying a group you might be interested in,  we are here to help! Simply contact us and let us know your areas of interest and we will make a few group suggestions to you.